Asset ID tags

Provide every asset with a unique digital fingerprint

  • Leverage asset tagging to drive service value
  • Think: inspection results, maintenance certificates, status reports...
  • Information always and instantly available on your smartphone
  • Centralized, secure and fast access to asset info through a simple scan of a tag (QR or equivalent)

The ideal time-to-value solution if you're looking to...

Reduce human error while improving user experience

Identify assets precisely and quickly without effort. Avoid the risk of losing paper certificates and make every workspace a safe environment.

Provide all stakeholders with relevant asset data

Whether operator in the field, safety coordinator or third party, they all scan the smart tag and get access to just those data they need.

Connect any data source and communicate through your asset

1 twintag per asset pulls together all its actionable info: status, last maintenance, last inspection report, user manual, asset dashboard overview, asset location...

Customer Case

Fast and secure access
to all relevant asset information

Vinçotte needed an easy way to provide their customers with up-to-date inspection & maintenance information. 
We leverage asset tagging to drive service value. Meet “Digi-Tags”.



Efficiency gain across inspection process;
7€ saved and 3.5€ value-add per asset per year.
Tagged industrial assets controlled
and certified by Vinçotte.


Efficiency gain across inspection process;
7€ saved and 3.5€ value-add per asset per year.


Tagged industrial assets controlled
and certified by Vinçotte.

“Thanks to our digital, mobile "inspection application" and checklist, we can now better assist our customers in terms of safety and efficiency.”.
Jonas Van hove - Program Manager Vinçotte

Unique QR codes for every product

A twintag on each product is designed to link the product to the customer’s experience.

Leverage your product's data

Learn from analytics, gather data & get insights on the use of your product.

Add new CX features over time

Iteratively upgrade your existing tags as you move along with new content & features.

Get user feedback & engage customers

Collect insights & tell your story: production process, sustainability & transparency info.

A brand new marketing channel

Transform every product into a branded marketing platform & create upsell opportunities.

Connect to your existing CMS

Leverage your current content management system.

These companies are implementing twintags with great success.

"We want to make cigars that are 100% well made. Since this is a natural product, nothing is worth more than a direct evaluation. Feedback is always very interesting for us!" 
Frederik Vandermarliere
"We’ve put a lot of effort into our product pages. So, we would like to link them directly to our physical products. It is very appealing how Twintag can know which user persona is scanning and easily share the most relevant information."
Director of Product
Speedway Motors
"We use Twintag in Digital Supply Chain projects where QR codes help our customers innovate and transform processes. The platform helps us build QR based workflows faster and more efficiently."

More about Twintag

Twintag is the digital experience platform for physical products. It unlocks the power of “product-led communication” (PLC).
Our customers use twintags - quite often QR codes - to easily create and connect a contextualized digital experience
to their physical products. To tell their products’ stories, better serve their customers, or get to know the product’s end consumers.
A twintag turns a product into an efficient customer communication channel.
Experience it yourself and scan the twintag below.

Discover PLC
Using Twintag, this piece of HiFi equipment gets an instant digital channel that offers: