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While we have an idea or two what to do with a twintag, we have been awestruck by the creative use cases our customers come up with.

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data flow organization

Drive named or anonymous personal registration and data flows

Biogazelle needed a productive way to organise the personal data flow for their COVID19 saliva PCR tests at scale.

In just 5 days, Twintag designed, developed and deployed a full solution for registration and results on its scalable data platform.

  • Get a QR code equipped card as a personal ID. Add personal details if you want to.
  • Scan the QR code to open a bar code scanner page. Next, scan your COVID saliva test and drop kit in mail or box.
  • Immediately receive results when available via your phone or mail.
Business benefit: €7 saved and €3.5 value-add per asset per year.

Communicate test results through a twintag

Biogazelle saliva test picks out workers with corona in early stages. Results are communicated the same day via a secure web portal.

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