customer story

Discover how CO2logic improved transparency, customer communication, and sustainability with Twintag.

What does CO2logic do?

CO2logic, a South Pole company, is specialising in climate and energy advisory services. It helps other companies to certify that their carbon footprint is calculated, reduced, and offset on a yearly basis ensuring constant efforts for the lowest possible climate impact.

Identified challenges

CO2logic sought to create a greater transparency on what is behind each allocated label, enable their customers to share their journey towards CO2 neutrality and raise an overall awareness about their Labels and Climate Journeys.

What was our solution?

Complete labelling transparency

In one scan, end-customers and entities get access to all product-related sustainability info. They can instantly check how labels are assigned, what methods are used for CO2 emission calculation, as well as download validation statements and commitment letter(s).

Simplified certification workflows

The Twintag Platform is used as a meeting point, allowing CO2logic and independent certification agency Vinçotte to efficiently collaborate without need for any integrations. 

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