EE Labels x Tricorp Workwear

 customer story

Together with the workwear manufacturer, we worked on a Digital Product Passport prototype for clothing.

Tricorp Workwear is a Dutch workwear manufacturer known for its comprehensive range of workwear solutions. They specialize in crafting and supplying high-quality work clothing tailored to various industries.

The workwear manufacturer aimed to enhance recycling through a Digital Product Passport with a single QR code. Additionally, they sought to utilize vests as marketing channels for providing usage advice and gaining insights into their audience.

In a single dynamic QR code, we’ve pulled together all product-relevant information that can be used for better sorting and recycling at the end of the item’s lifecycle.

Equipping vests with lasting woven QR codes transforms them into effective marketing channels, allowing Tricorp to provide valuable usage advice to their customers on one hand and learning more about their audience on the other.

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