ExxonMobil Chemical

 customer story

How a petrochemical leader enhanced supply chain efficiency, added value for customers, and spurred growth.

What does ExxonMobil Chemical do?

ExxonMobil Chemical is a division of ExxonMobil, one of the world's largest oil and gas companies. It specializes in the production and marketing of petrochemical products, including plastics, chemicals, and synthetic materials used in various industries such as packaging, automotive, construction, and more.

ExxonMobil Chemical focuses on developing innovative solutions to meet the global demand for these materials while emphasizing safety and environmental responsibility.

Identified challenges

ExxonMobil Chemical sought a digital solution to:

a. simplify compliance with evolving government regulations.

b. digitize their internal business processes.

c. achieve their sustainability objectives.

They aimed to enhance operations efficiency and visibility by optimizing supply chain transparency, reducing re-labeling, enabling recycling, and automating warehouse operations, among other improvements.

What was our solution?

Product-led communication channel

A twintag on each product unit provides a direct communication with the customers enabling a faster and more personalized customer service.

Effortless labelling regulation compliance

The possibility to alter the linked information allows for easy relabelling and supports compliance with the emerging regulations imposing traceability requirements.

Supply chain efficiency

Our serialization solution offered a better analysis and improvement in the efficiency of the supply chain. An in-app scanner allows to integrate twintags with existing bar/QR codes.

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