Oliva Cigar Co.

 customer story

How a cigar brand amplified customer engagement, fostering brand loyalty via two-way direct dialogue.

What does Oliva Cigar Co. do?

Oliva Cigar Co. is a premium cigar manufacturer that prides themselves in having the finest top-rated cigars in the world. They have received some of the industry’s highest recognitions from its most well-known publications including Cigar of the Year and Best Nicaraguan Cigar Brand.

Identified challenges

Having achieved operational excellence, Oliva Cigar Co. sought to enhance the end customer experience. This included providing information on product origin, journey, and company details through QR codes on cigar boxes. Additionally, the company aimed to establish a two-way communication channel for customer feedback.

What was our solution?

Products as digital customer touchpoint

With only one unique QR code on each cigar pack, customers can now see all product-relevant information including its origins, how and by whom it was produced.   

The marketing and feedback channel

Oliva customers can now send feedback by simply clicking a button on the page. With the boosted customer engagement, Oliva Cigar Co. gained access to valuable insights that can be leveraged for its brand, sales, and marketing initiatives.

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