PTR Holland

 customer story

How marine and off-shore service provider protected their brand against inferior counterfeit and avoided reputation risks.

What does PTR Holland do?

PTR Holland ® Group is a highly experienced company specializing in the production of MED approved Pilot-Embarkation (rope) ladders for the marine and offshore industry. The company boasts an extensive inventory, currently stocking over 12,000 different products and continuously expanding its offerings.

Beyond its marine and offshore focus, PTR Holland ® Group is also actively involved in food-waste transport, showcasing its commitment to diverse and sustainable solutions.

Identified challenges

PTR Holland sought to safeguard its brand from subpar counterfeits, aiming to prevent accidents and protect its reputation.

What was our solution?

Easy product authentication

Sealed QR ‘twintags’ use blockchain technology to digitally “lock” the ladder certificate to the vessel for public verification. Linking the ladder to a ship is done by safety officers when onboarding the ship, with just a single scan of a dynamic QR code. No app needed.

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