customer story

How top plastic industry players ensured traceability, efficiency, and compliance for circular models.

What does R-Cycle do?

R-Cycle provides an open, globally applicable and accepted traceability standard for plastic products. Driven by a cross-industry community, they create a data infrastructure for the operation of digital product passports.

Identified challenges

Consortium initiated by Reifenhaüser wanted to record all recycling-relevant information to enable proper sorting and recycling at the end of the product life-cycle.

What was our solution?

With Twintag-powered QR codes on plastic bag/produced and printing film/end product, we were able to:

1. show information related to the specific production stage of the package
2. provide smooth data tracking when printing the films
3. help identify packaging for recycling
4. align with the open tracing standard

As a final result, end consumers received access to a fully traceable journey of an end product.

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