customer story

How SENEC turned heaters into a personalized customer portal, easing their support team's load.

What does SENEC do?

SENEC is a Belgian specialist in installation and maintenance of heating and cooling systems.

Identified challenges

SENEC sought to reduce customer calls and mails while improving their customer service and communication. The ultimate challenge was to make their way of working more efficient and customer-centric while ensuring further digitisation of business processes.

What was our solution?

Zero app, zero account product portal

With a single scan of a dynamic QR code on a heater, customers and technicians can access all product-relevant data and documents. Each #twintag provides a personalized digital experience by tailoring the information displayed to the specific needs of the individual scanning it. Therefore, while customers can now consult FAQ section and schedule maintenance, technicians can get a hold of a maintenance history. All with the same QR code.

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