customer story

How a top Testing, Inspection, and Certification firm boosted safety and productivity with 24/7 asset info access.

What does Vinçotte do?

Vinçotte (a member of Kiwa group) offers objective and advisory services in inspection, certification, conformity assessment and training. With more than 2000-strong team of professionals, Vinçotte is striving every day to create a safer and more efficient society in the building, manufacturing & logistics, energy and process, food certification and radiation protection industries.

Identified challenges

Vinçotte was in the middle of reinventing itself in the context of emerging digital space and transforming into a data company to create a wonderful end-to-end experience for customers. To do so, Vinçotte sought to transform and automate workflows that would provide direct efficiency gains and allow a more transparent way of communicating safety information linked to asset management.

What was our solution?

Dynamic product portal

A twintag per asset serves as a comprehensive source of actionable information, consolidating all relevant information i.e. maintenance history, tasks and inspection flows, asset location, and dashboard overview. By offering a persona-driven digital experience, Twintag ensures that the information presented is tailored to the needs of the person scanning it, whether they be an inspector, engineer, or visitor.

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