Webinar for Digital Product Passport
Webinar recording

The EU Digital Product Passport:
What you should know to get started 

To further optimize the way resources are used and ensure a more sustainable production and consumption, the European Commission put through a proposal to establish an EU Digital Product Passport (DPP) as part of a larger Sustainable Product Initiative (SPI). 

With the upcoming legislative changes on the horizon, it is important to stay up to date with both trends and requirements that will directly affect your business. 

To demystify this topic, we invited Ann Lambrecht, Product Transparency Architect at DataFastlane, and Twintag founder Paul Carpentier for an insightful conversation.

During the webinar, we took a closer look at the DPP and SPI and discussed their impact on European manufacturing businesses in terms of challenges, opportunities and further steps. 

Among the covered topics:

  • Context of the EU Digital Product Passport and Sustainable Products Initiative
  • Practical things your business should know and start thinking about
  • How the DPP can be a tool to create competitive advantage
  • How you can get started today


Ann Lambrecht, speaker for the webinar
Ann Lambrecht
Paul Carpentier, speaker for the webinar
Paul Carpentier