Product-Led Communication

Let your products talk to your customers

You believe in your product, and continuously look to differentiate it. You love your customers, and continuously look to serve them better.

So it makes total sense to put your product front and center in your customer experience, right? That’s exactly what Product-Led Communication, PLC in short, is all about.

User experiences change fundamentally when products are augmented with a digital experience. Use your product to connect to your users, share product information and create engagement.

Why add a digital experience to your product or service?

Build brand love

Augment your product with a new marketing channel that tells your product's story.

Inform your end consumer on sustainability, traceability, circular economy... share all essential information to increase brand loyalty.

The elegance of such a channel? It is non-interruptive for the user - info is digested when receptive for it.

Enable your users

Turn your product into a resource center and put your user front and center in the product experience.

Provide technical information, give access to user manuals, share best practices, tips & tricks... for all user personas interacting with the product.

Add a verification of authenticity to protect your product against counterfeit.

Get user feedback

Make your product the preferred customer engagement platform

Open up an instant chat channel to directly talk to customer service, and probe your customers for feedback during or after using your product.

Unlock new ways of collecting insights in how, when and where your product is actually used.

Transform your product

Equip your product with a hyper-personalized service portal.

Provide pinpointed product service information to your customer and service center alike (maintenance, repair, inspection, re-order...).

Reduce service ticket handling times and radically upgrade your customer experience at the same time.

DISCOVER PLC for youR product

Maximum value in minimum time:
the PLC Sprint

At Twintag, we strongly believe in dreaming big yet starting small. The same goes for getting started with Product-Led Communication. 

Inspired by Google Venture’s famous 5-day Design Sprints, we take this one (BIG) step further. In just 5 days, we apply Product-Led Communication magic to your product. Together, we go from concept to fully functional prototype that brings value to the table. The collective "a-ha moment" on Day 5 when demo'ing to internal and external stakeholders allows you to feel for yourself how simple and fast PLC can impact your organization.

Our customers both large and small love these sprints. They're timeboxed and create value fast, where the working prototype makes them clearly visualise the booster effect on their use cases.

The cherry on top? Even during the 5 days, only minimal time is required from your side. Most often, a three-hour workshop on Day 1 is all we need!

Maximum learning in minimum time: the PLC Sprint

Inspired by Google Venture’s famous 5-day Design Sprints, we do it one better: At the end of the 5-day sprint you won't have just a design, but instead a fully functional prototype which you can show to your internal and external stakeholders to gather crucial feedback and really learn.

We have successfully done these sprints at both large and small organisations with great results. Our clients were charmed by the speed of the sprint, the clear time boxing, and especially the fact that a working prototype allowed them to clearly visualise the booster effect on their use cases.

What does a PLC Sprint look like? From concept to prototype in 5 days

Day 1: Scope

Co-creation workshop

  • Examine strategic objectives & use-cases
  • Explore pain points in the product journey & customer experience
  • Which story do you want to tell? 
- On which product?
  • What would you like to learn from your customer?

Now, we can start with the design!

Day 2: Design

We present to you our design proposal and gather your feedback. We continue to work on the prototype.

Day 1


On the morning of the first day there’s a co-creation workshop:

  • Examine strategic objectives and use cases;
  • Explore pain points in the product journey & customer experience;
  • Determine which products are suitable for PLC, in synergy with current customer channels;
  • What should the product tell your customer?
  • What would you like to learn from your customer through your product?
  • Requirement capturing.

At the end of the workshop we have clear agreement on scope & priorities for the sprint, based on:

  • Availability of necessary data;
  • Impact of the PLC prototype on customer experience or efficiency;
  • Development feasibility within sprint time-box.

In the afternoon we start our analysis and work out a first design proposal.

Day 2


In the morning we present to you our design proposal and gather your feedback. We continue to work on the prototype.

Day 3-4


We work out the prototype using the Twintag PLC Toolbox. In the afternoon of each day we give you an update of our progress in a short standup.

Day 5


In the morning we finalise the fully functional prototype, which we present to you in the afternoon. For this presentation we would suggest to also invite possible other stakeholders.

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