Web vs App: how to choose a platform for your business?

Most people have already installed apps they use on a daily basis which makes the bar for installing any additional apps higher.
Michiel De Backker
March 21, 2022
5 minutes

While it seems like apps became an evident solution for businesses looking for ways to connect with their customers, stabilize their work flows and track their progress but we feel like this decision is not always argumentative and lacks a bigger perspective.

App fatigue

The sheer amount of apps that are available today is astounding. At the same time, most people have already installed apps they use on a daily basis which makes the bar for installing any additional apps ever higher. This tendency is often referred to as ‘App Fatigue’.

Apps have a place in people’s lives, however, we can more and more notice that an ‘App Fatigue’ can form a significant barrier, deterring customers from interacting with your digital offerings.

Password fatigue

In a similar way, people often feel overwhelmed with the amount of accounts and/or passwords they have to remember. If you’re trying to delight your customer, asking them to remember a password is unlikely to get them excited.


Provisioning is a necessary process of setting up digital solutions for both employees or customers. When designing digital solutions for your customers, it’s important to think how you will distribute it to them which really quickly can add up to form a digital logistical nightmare.

One of the cases that warrants special attention is working with third parties such as subcontractors. But here all provisioning problems are likely to become exponentially more difficult since you now have to provide all the software and accounts across all of the involved organizations.

Product-Led Communication

But what if you could provide your customer with a relevant digital experience, without installing apps or creating any accounts? The ‘Zero App; Zero Account’ mantra is one of the guiding principles in the Product-Led Communication methodology.

Twintag value proposition

Instead of storing customer data in an app or account, why not let your physical product drive the user experience? The unique fingerprint of a unit of product allows the digital experience to instantly be hyper-relevant to the user’s current situation. This significantly reduces the hurdles they have to overcome to interact with your digital offering. Product-Led Communication allows you to offer enriched, situation-aware and usable content, functionality and experiences.


The Twintag Platform is tailor-made for Product-Led Communication. Engage your customers with rich content upon a simple single scan, using any modern mobile device. Extend your customer interactions from physical to digital with near-zero friction.

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