The Twintag platform

A Yamaha wifi component showing a twintag with the according web page with integrated chat

A twintag is not an ordinary QR code. It makes magic happen.

In order to support the Product-Led Communication use cases our customers come up with, we have built a platform with specific features and benefits to support them.

A twintag establishes a relationship
through your product in 3 simple steps.


Twintags are unique identifiers - commonly QR codes, yet also NFC or RFID tags - that can be scanned with any smartphone. They are applied to physical products and objects and connect to a lightweight, branded digital experience.


Gather marketing feedback and facilitate support, straight through the twintag. Beyond straightforward information sharing, twintags let you establish 2-way communication with your users to drive your business processes.

Your product as the logical gateway for user interaction.
Everyone wins.

Efficiency gains

  • Boost self-service: give users the info they need when and where they need it
  • Reduce call center load
  • Manage, inspect, and control your assets more easily

Consumer insights

  • Get to know your customers: establish a direct-to-consumer relationship
  • Collect product and user analytics
  • Create value for distribution partners with usage and customer data

Customer satisfaction

  • Surprise and delight your customers and stakeholders with superior user experiences
  • Eliminate customer frustrations
  • Build loyalty

What makes Twintag™ your PLC platform of choice?




Twintag does not require heavy IT setup.
In fact, it is ready to go out of the box.

Simple to roll out

  • Augment your business processes without the need to change your IT landscape, or production and logistics operations.
  • You can start with the user experience and work backward from there.

Simple to use

  • Scan twintags with any smartphone
  • No apps. No accounts. No passwords.

Simple to incorporate

  • Fits well into your processes
  • Unique price structure that fits your business model



Or as we like to call it, ridiculous flexibility.
Modify and evolve the user experience at any time.

  • You can modify the experiences connected to a twintag at any time.
  • The same twintag can offer different digital experiences over time (e.g. first time user vs. experienced).
  • You can even upgrade the experience for a product that has been in a customer’s hands for years.
a twintag in context



Or how a simple scan can support functionality for multiple personas.

Twintags start with the relationship. They are more than just a standard QR pointing to a static url. The same twintag can support many different experiences, depending on the context. This way a twintag can change depending on the persona using it, or certain product properties, scanning history...

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