Twintag in action

A twintag is not just a QR code. It is a direct connection to whoever's holding that smartphone.

While we have an idea or two what to do with a twintag, we have been awestruck by the creative use cases our customers come up with. Below are a few examples demonstrating different use cases.

Use case: traceability

Let a twintag give your customers insights in the complete production flow

Vinçotte implemented twintags for Carrefour which give consumers access to the complete traceability record of meat products sold in the Carrefour supermarkets.

  • Boost consumer confidence in product
  • Support claim of proper treatment of cattle
  • Customer engagement: feedback form
  • Product engagement: added recipes, serving suggestions

Use case: authenticity

Ensure customers that they are using a genuine product

PTR Holland is a leading global manufacturer of marine pilot ladders: the rope ladders that enable marine pilots to board large vessels to assist the crew with port navigation. A couple years ago, PTR Holland’s top quality reputation started triggering inferior counterfeit copies, with serious accidents as a consequence, as well as the threat of reputational damage to their brand.

Today, a unique twintag is attached to every ladder at production time and digitally connected to its individual certificate. When the ladder is finally installed on board of a vessel, the safety officer adds a picture of the ship’s name to the twintag with one simple smartphone scan. Next, the twintag is automatically sealed in a blockchain to provide independent proof of authenticity. Marine pilots can verify that authenticity with a single scan upon boarding the ship, and have been understandably happy about this life-saving evolution.

Use case: Story telling & engagement

Give your customers all possible information on your product through a simple twintag and gather feedback

A great way to create a better bond with your customer is to provide all possible information on the product. Oliva Cigars, a manufacturer of high-quality cigars, realised this opportunity and now has a twintag in each box of their Oliva Serie V Melanios cigars.

After scanning the twintag, a webpage is displayed where they can learn about the bonchero (buncher) and rolero (roller) who rolled the cigar. Additionally, the QR code website also relays information on the factory where the cigar was made, as well as the types of tobacco in the blend. Customers can also provide feedback.

This innovation gave Oliva Cigars a lot of attention in the specialised press worldwide, because they were the first in their industry to provide such functionality.

Use case: asset inspection & management

Get all information on assets by just scanning their twintags

Vinçotte is market leader in Belgium on asset inspection and certification, with more than half a million assets under their control, from elevators in buildings to forklifts and industrial ladders.

They are rolling out a Twintag-based program called Digitags which offers a lot of functionality depending on the persona scanning the twintag:

  • Upon his quarterly inspection, the inspector scans the Digitag twintag, and upon authentication he can read out all information on the asset, and update it if necessary;
  • The owner of the asset, when logged in, has another role and can see the information relevant to him. He can also add information for the inspector;
  • The general public can get generic information on the asset and also leave a remark, e.g. noting that the asset is damaged and adding a picture of the damage.

Use case: registration

A twintag can perfectly register all visitors to a venue

During the Corona pandemic, hotels, restaurants & bars were forced to register visitor data. Twintag proved to be the easy solution to that problem.

Not only could visitors easily register, but on the confirmation screen they had immediate access to the menu, the specials of the week, the Instagram feed of the venue owner... Thereby giving the restaurant an opportunity to connect to their customers.

A more elaborate version has been developed for concert halls and similar venues. Unique twintags are assigned to seats, which allows for contact tracing around a specific seat.

Use case: Inspection and maintenance

Get all information on assets by just scanning their twintags

Engie, a large energy provider, also has a service for the inspection and maintenance of heaters and boilers in customers' houses.

A twintag is attached to the heater, and upon scanning the customer can access all information regarding the heater, like manuals or insurance certificates, and they can book a new appointment and check appointment history.

The web app supports two personas - there's a section for the inspection technicians too, where they can access all technical information regarding the heater.

Use case: Security

A twintag can be a code already attached somewhere...

When delivering chemical substances, a lorry driver must deliver the load in the right storage tank or dangerous situations might occur. Mixing incompatible substances can be very dangerous.

A photo of the HIN/Kemler code already on the storage tank, which is then recognised through AI, confirms that the right storage tank is selected and gives the lorry driver clearance to deliver his payload.

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