Faqs about twintag(s)

Everything you need to know about SaaS-in-a-sticker.

The Twintag platform is the foundation for your Product-Led Communication solution. Leveraging ready-made components where possible while allowing full customization when and where it matters for your business.

Why would I choose twintag when I can use any (free) QR code generator? What's the difference with an ordinary QR code? »

The QR code is only the physical representation of a twintag (in most cases, it could also be an NFC-, RFID tag...). It's the platform that makes the difference. Traditional QR code generators can sometimes support shallow solutions or redirect to custom applications. Twintag enables full end-to-end product-led communication solutions.

I'm struggling with the buy or build dilemma ...
Can't I build this myself? »

It’s not rocked science - you could build everything yourself, however: we're PLC experts and the Twintag platform encodes our learnings across many PLC projects. You'll have to build this experience, likely learning from failures. You will spend time and money building the foundation that already exist with Twintag. You'll have to build a management interface, which already exists as Twintag Admin. You'll have to build out an engineering team to build & maintain the solution ... You get it right? If you need Salesforce you should buy Salesforce.

What makes Twintag so special? »

Twintag is the only Product-Led Communication platform to cater to unique identifiers at scale. There is no theoretical limit to the amount of twintags (unique identifiers) you can have, except for 2^128 or three hundred forty undecillion, that's 39 digits).

Twintag... yet another platform? »

The Twintag platform comes 'batteries included' but is built in a modular fashion and can integrate with your existing systems. Twintag runs the platform for you as Software-as-a-service so you don't have to invest in IT infrastructure & maintenance.

Which functionalities do the Twintag Platform & Admin Portal offer? »

The twintag platform is tailor made for product-led communication. It provides a broad foundation and comes with tooling to customize the data, behavior and look and feel of your twintags. Practically, this means a cloud-based data management system, twintag-aware serverless Javascript environment, automation & integration frameworks to connect to external data sources and the ability to host standard web technology commonly SPAs, among others. The Twintag Admin portal allows you to both configure the twintags as well as manage the entire installed base and associated data from a visual web interface.

Can I do this myself using a Content Management System (CMS)? »

You could create landing pages separately with Wordpress or Webflow for 10 or maybe even a 100 pages, but it isn't made to manage all this data at the same time. Twintag's data management system and templating engine allows you to manage twintags at any scale, from thousands to millions of unique twintags.

Is it secure to use Twintag QR codes without authentication? »

Every twintag has a random and unique 128 bit identifier, making it unfeasible to guess. You are more likely to get struck by lightning than to guess a valid twintag. Even if you managed to guess a single twintag, you're not a step further to guessing a 2nd one. Besides, the Twintag Platform is secured using accounts.

How do I manage my twintags? »

The Twintag Admin portal allows internal stakeholders to manage the installed base of twintags & their associated data without deploying.

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