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User experiences change fundamentally when products are augmented with a twintag.

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Product-Led Communication ("PLC") is the easiest way to add
a digital experience to your physical product. Do it right, and open up entirely new avenues to...

Build brand love

Your product as a new marketing channel

Enable your users

Your product as a resource center

Get user feedback

Your product as an engagement platform

Serialize your product

Your product as a hyper-personalized service portal

"By 2024, 75% of the top 20 global consumer goods companies will provide a digital experience to augment their physical product."
Gartner Predicts 2021

Twintag is plc done right.

True Product-Led Communication needs the power Twintag provides.

Simple, simple, simple

Scan twintags with any smartphone. No apps, accounts or passwords. Zero threshold. No need to touch IT landscape or operations.

Ridiculously flexible

The same twintag changes its experience over time. As communication needs evolve, so do twintag functions.

Context-aware experiences

Twintags unlock different experiences depending on who's scanning. They provide a unique, hyper-personalized experience during every interaction.

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A twintag on your product opens up a whole new way to interact with customers.
Upon scanning, the customer gets all relevant information on the product or service.
Turn every product into a zero-app, zero-account, self-service customer portal.

Using Twintag, this piece of HiFi equipment gets an instant digital channel that offers:
Information sharing

Share user specific, up to date product- related information and delight your user.

The customer has direct acces to user manuals, the warranty, dealer infomation...

Two-way communication

Open a 2-way communication channel and increase customer engagement.

The customer can get in contact with customer service via chat. And the service operator automatically gets all info on the device.

Brand protection

Authenticate your product, combat counterfeiting and protect your brand.

Using a blockchain-powered digital seal, the customer can be sure this is a genuine product.

Award finalist SC award start-up 2019 and Deloitte award Rising Star nominee Technology Fast 50

What customers love about Twintag

All type of industries have implemented twintags with great success.

“Thanks to Twintag's traceability solution, the actors involved can react more quickly and accurately to possible problems in the supply chain, thus offering better guarantees for overall food safety”.
Jonas Van Hove Vinçotte
Jonas Van hove
Program Manager, Vinçotte
“The simplicity of the platform allowed a quick roll-out: we quickly had a fully functioning solution set up."
Joris Stuip PTR Holland
Joris J. Stuip
Global General Manager, PTR Holland
"We use Twintag in Digital Supply Chain projects where QR codes help our customers innovate and transform processes. The platform helps us build QR based workflows faster and more efficiently."
Wim Farasyn Lanark
Wim Farasyn
Founder, Lanark

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