How to get started

Twintag links physical products and packaging to their digital twins using dynamic QR codes that enable enhanced user interaction and streamlined operational efficiency.

Get to know Twintag's technology

Unique ID management at scale

Twintags come with a smart engine that is built for rapid deployment, performance, and dynamic evolution. Its unique ID management at scale allows you to deploy them on millions of your products for data-driven decision making.

Context-aware digital experiences

A twintag on your product comes in the carrier of your choice (QR, RFID, NFC...). Scan it to access context-aware digital experiences for stakeholders and end users across your value chain. Use our prebuilt or customizable UIs to get started in no time.

Comprehensive integration framework

Twintag's flexible integration framework allows you to connect your existing systems effortlessly. Leverage standard APIs, connectors, and tailor-made integrations to ensure a smooth and non-intrusive integration, layering Twintag on top of your existing product flows.

Start small, launch fast

We advise starting small. Test the solution in the market, gather feedback and then scale. Expand to other product lines, add new personas, integrate more processes, and connect additional information parameters to your existing data systems. You now have a dynamic channel on your product - leverage that!

Scope your requirements


Which products do you want to start with?

Which production site is best suited for such experiments?


Who needs to interact with your products?

When do they interact with your products?


What data would you like to share?

What data would you like to collect from the field?


Which operational painpoints need to be tackled?

Which internal or external processes are you looking to improve?

Deploy digitally

Business logic

Outline the actions in the new process and link to relevant scenarios.


Create design wireframes based on your branding guidelines.

Templates vs Custom configuration

Start quickly with pre-built templates (like Digital Product passports or Return Flows) or build a fully custom user interface tailored to your needs, or go with a combination of both.

Integrated vs Stand-alone

Depending on your current data storage, we can start with manual CSV uploads or integrate directly with systems like ERP or PIM using our APIs.

Deploy physically

Data carrier

Choose between QR codes, RFID, NFC, or existing identifiers like barcodes. (Work with packaging / branding teams to ensure the tag is prominently placed.)


Assign the digital ID to the physical product using pre-printing, in-line printing or manual application.


Depending on onboarding process, additional equipment like scanners or printers might be required. Select materials (woven, metal plate, wood, printed) based on product type or durability.

Production setup

Physical tagging validation and integration of twintags with existing labels.

Scale as you grow


Add more products, target different audiences, add more parameters, and include more processes. As your business grows, so does the usefulness of a twintag. The best part? We are here to help you every step of the way.