Close the loop on product circularity with unique digital IDs

Add a twintag to your products to gain complete visibility and traceability.
Reduce costs, manage compliance and drive sustainability to unlock top and bottom line growth.

What’s on the inside?

Twintags are powered by a robust engine designed for rapid deployment, high performance, and scalability. Our unique ID management system enables the deployment of twintags on millions of products, facilitating data-driven decision-making.

Unique ID management at scale

Enjoy secure and seamless digital ID management

With Twintag, you can seamlessly create, manage, and host an unlimited number of unique digital IDs for your products. Each ID is secure, unguessable, and comes with its own cloud space, personalized landing page, and API compatibility.

Create, manage, host unlimited digital IDs

Every ID is unique, secure, unguessable, with individual cloud space, personalized landing page and API

Compatible with GS1 & other standards, as well as bring-your-own-ID

Highly available managed cloud, global content delivery, helpdesk, Single Sign-On

Data management & analytics

Empower decision-making with deep product insights

Twintag's powerful data management and analytics capabilities empower you to stitch together data from across your organization and value chain. Leverage our semantic layer for capturing your business data model and seamlessly integrate with your existing business intelligence tools for deep insights.

Centralized data platform for holistic visibility

Customizable data models aligned with your KPIs

Seamless integration with existing BI tools

Actionable insights for data-driven decision-making

Tag metadata, fully configurable structured data & files

What’s on the outside?

Twintags enable context-aware digital experiences for stakeholders across your value chain and end-users of products they are embedded on. Using our pre-built templates or customizable UIs, you can use of a twintag as an on-product digital channel.

Connect to any carrier

Twintags can connect to any data carrier, from the common QR code and RFIDs, to NFCs, links and others. Embed on a carrier that suits your requirements.

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Context-aware digital experiences

Craft unique digital experiences

Twintag's context-aware digital experiences adapt to the user's location, language, time, and persona, ensuring a personalized and engaging interaction with your products. Leverage rich digital information and workflows to create unforgettable customer moments.

Rich digital information and workflows

Context-aware in terms of location, language, time and persona

Low-threshold user access & interaction (no app, no account)

Customer-branded experience and custom domain name

Pre-built templates & customizable interfaces

Roll out an MVP in a matter of days

Twintag's comprehensive suite of tools empowers you to create and deploy single-page responsive web apps, landing pages, and digital experiences with ease. Leverage pre-designed templates, customization options, and a user-friendly UI designer to streamline your digital initiatives.

UI Designer allows for creation of single-page responsive web apps & landing pages

Includes pre-designed templates and customization options

Device-agnostic responsive UI, designed for mobile-first product experiences

What data flows through?

Twintag's flexible integration framework allows you to connect your existing systems effortlessly. Leverage standard APIs, connectors, and tailor-made integrations to ensure a smooth and non-intrusive integration, layering twintag on top of your existing product flows.

Works standalone or seamlessly integrated

Make the most out of customer’s existing IT landscape: ERP, CRM, PIM, DAM, PLM, TMS, CMS, WMS and others.

Standard connectivity

Connect via standard APIs, standard connectors and/or tailor made integrations.

Built for non-intrusiveness

Easily layer on top of existing product flows.


Tailor-made integrations for unique requirements.

How to get started?

Our customer success managers are here to assist you in maximizing the potential of twintags for your products. Contact us and we'll gladly help you integrate, configure your twintags, and explore new and innovative uses to enhance your product development lifecycle.

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