Unblock obstacles to streamlined operations.

A twintag digitizes and automates transport and logistics documentation for increased efficiency and transparency.

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What is a twintag?

As the world pushes for circularity, customers expect more from their physical products. Twintag powers products and packages with a virtual chip from a single unique identifier (UID), a 'digital twin'-tag to drive dynamic experiences for connected products.

Building ROI fast, one use case at a time

Interact with stakeholders across your value chain.

Bringing product-centric value across the organisation.

Providing intel between your existing management systems.

Built for performance, scale and rapid deployment.

Connects to any carrier.

Start small, launch fast.

How to get startedOur technology
What are twintags used for?

A twintag on your product helps you realize your strategic business outcomes. Launch an eCMR, digitize document transportation, enable relabel, return and reuse of products and packaging, and more.

Building ROI fast, one use case at a time

Who needs a twintag?

Twintags give organizations the ability to engage with stakeholders across their value chain, including manufacturers, logistics, after-sales & service operators, inspectors, recyclers, technicians and end consumers.

What's on the inside?

Who interacts with a twintag?

The information stored on a twintag enables product-centric value across the organization by equipping teams with the information they need to make sustainable decisions.

Bringing product-centric value across the organisation.

What data flows through a twintag?

Twintags power your products with item-level, contextualised intel across existing management systems, whether its within your composable architecture or stand-alone.

Providing intel between your existing management systems.

What's on the inside?

Twintag technology embeds serialized product tag management with associated user interfaces, an admin portal to manage users and analyze data, and an integration framework for building APIs and including tag master data.

Built for performance, scale and rapid deployment.

What's on the outside?

Twintags can connect to any carrier, from the common QR code and RFIDs, to NFCs, links and others. Embed on a carrier that suits your requirements.

Connects to any carrier.

How to get started?

Getting started with a twintag is easy. We've worked with clients both big and small and always look for the simplest route. We recommend you start small, launch fast, and build ROI as you go.

Start small, launch fast

Solving challenges for Transport & Logistics vendors.

Without twintag

Manual data entry

Slow sharing of documentation

Inefficient returns management

Unable to track reusable packaging

Inaccurate labelling due to changes or human error

With twintag

eCMR to replace paper CMRs

Instant and transparent access to eCMR

Streamlined product tracking for reverse logistics

Digital packaging tracking throughout reuse process

Instant upload and update of accurate product information

How are twintags used
Transport & Logistics

Launch an e-CMR

Lower costs and provide greater transparency

Remove the need for paperwork and handling costs by launching an e-CMR (consignment note).

Replace traditional paper-based CMR documents

Automate accurate data entry

Reduce document processing times

Ensure adherence to regulatory requirements

Digitize transport documentation

Harmonize documentation using digital formats

Align invoices and custom declarations in one digital space.

Digitize all transport documents

Gain real-time visibility into shipment statuses

Eliminate costs associated with physical document storage

Facilitate seamless information sharing amongst stakeholders

Reverse logistics

Enable reverse logistics processes through real-time product tracking

Make reverse-logistical processes painless and transparent.

Optimize return management

Access real-time insights into the status of returned products

Reduce fraud with tamper-proof digital IDs

Provide customers a faster and more transparent returns experience

Return, reuse packages

Simplify return and reuse processes for maximum efficiency

Make the process of returning and reusing packaging sustainable and effective.

Track reusable packaging

Minimize waste

Boost sustainability performance

Lower costs associated with packaging

Relabel products

Enable customized, accurate, and compliant product labeling

Ensure that product labels reflect the most up-to-date information, minimizing errors and ensuring compliance with evolving industry standards and regulations.

Facilitate faster sorting and distribution of products

Update product information without needing to reprint

Save costs due by minimizing relabelling demand

Improve worker and customer safety through dynamic hazard communication

Case studies

How we helped other businesses

Katoen Natie: Digital Packlist

In partnership with Katoen Natie's Consumer Goods and Industry (CGI) business unit, Twintag introduced an innovative solution to address challenges faced during pack line automation.

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Katoen Natie: Paperless Truck

Katoen Natie launched a new product, ‘Paperless Truck’, to reduce waiting times, eliminate excessive paper, and digitally upgrade their transports.

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