Get ready for the EU Digital Product Passport

Equip your products with unique digital IDs to provide validated product information, ensure compliance with regulations, and streamline communication with all value chain stakeholders.

Unify, visualize, and share your product data at scale

One-click access to product data and compliance with upcoming EU regulations.

End-to-end traceability solution for repair, reuse, resale and recycle processes.

Improved customer experience and new revenue streams through an on-product channel.

Think beyond compliance

Digital Product Passports as
two-way communication channels

There's more to a Digital Product Passport than meeting EU compliance standards. A DPP can drive circular business models, enable value-added services, serve as a marketing channel, and numerous other uses. Embedding a twintag catalyzes innovation.

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Gather, verify, share product data

The upcoming EU DPP legislation requires a data carrier on products to be connected to unique digital identifiers. Information must be machine-readable, structured, searchable, and specify the product model, batch, or item.
Collect and centralize verified product data
Track compliance state, identify data gaps, and keep the data up to date
Present product data through a digital interface straight off the product

Trace the full lifecycle of your products

Record and manage the entire life cycle - from production data to use, resale, reuse, and recycling.
Provide transparent product data for consumers to extend the lifecycle of a product
Track your products, streamline supply chain and enable inventory management
Deliver use and maintenance instructions to customers through your products

Future-proof your products and create new revenue streams

A Twintag-powered unique identifier is crafted for adaptability, facilitating the seamless integration of additional functionalities over time. It serves to elevate customer experience, fostering a deeper connection with your brand.
Leverage the DPPs as personalised end-user communication channel
Ensure product authenticity, provide ownership certificates and history of use
Reduce operational costs with digitized customer service and generate new revenue streams