Embracing reusable packaging with Twintag

A twintag powers a connected packaging strategy that adds value and builds synergies across your supply chain.


Integrating Twintag’s digital IDs into packaging doesn’t just make the packaging smarter, it augments supply chain logistics and introduces an efficient framework for the adoption of reusable packaging. This dual focus streamlines operations, as well as aligns with global sustainability goals, reducing waste and enhancing operational efficiencies across industries.

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Why your packaging needs upgrading

Discover the various ways a twintag leads to greater visibility, traceability, and reusability for businesses implementing a connected packaging strategy.

Mandatory reuse for B2B

With regulatory trends moving towards mandatory reusable packaging in B2B scenarios, Twintag’s technology is at the forefront, providing an infrastructure that supports the lifecycle management of reusable containers and packages.

Lifecycle management of reusable packaging

Each piece of packaging tagged with a Twintag digital ID can be tracked through its lifecycle, from use to return and reuse. Cycles can be counted towards a certified maximum usage. Monitoring of wear and tear can help build statistics. This facilitates the efficient management of packaging assets, ensuring they are utilized to their fullest potential, yet within responsible safety boundaries.

Cost savings and environmental impact

By optimizing the use of packaging materials and reducing the need for single-use packaging, companies can achieve significant cost savings while greatly reducing their environmental impact.

Real-time tracking and visibility

Connected packaging offers unparalleled visibility into the supply chain, allowing businesses to track products in real-time, from manufacturing to delivery and beyond.

Inventory management

By providing exact data on where products are in the supply chain, businesses can manage inventory more effectively, reducing overstock and out-of-stock scenarios and optimizing warehouse space.

Efficiency in returns process

Twintag-equipped packages enable streamlined return flows, facilitating easier returns for customers and allowing businesses to efficiently manage returned goods, whether for resale, recycling, or refurbishment.

Use cases across industries

The following are examples of how customers are using twintags to gain real-time visibility of their products and spearhead sustainaibility efforts.

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Food service industry


A food service supplier attaches twintags to its bulk ingredient containers to streamline logistics and embrace reusable packaging.


Digital IDs enable the tracking of container locations, monitor stock levels in real-time, and manage the return process for cleaning and refilling.


Improved inventory accuracy, reduced waste from single-use packaging, and enhanced operational efficiency in ingredient supply and management.

Commercial cleaning supplies


A manufacturer of commercial cleaning supplies uses twintags on its bulk product containers to transition to a reusable container model.


Each container’s journey is tracked from delivery to return and refill, with twintags ensuring efficient management and reuse of packaging assets.


A significant reduction in packaging waste, lower operational costs through the reuse of higher quality containers, and a strengthened commitment to sustainability can now be demonstrated to clients.

Pharmaceutical distribution


A pharmaceutical company integrates twintags into the outer cardboard packaging of sensitive medications to enhance logistics efficiency and ensure secure product delivery.


Connected packaging allows for real-time tracking of medications, ensuring they are stored and transported at correct temperatures and reaching pharmacies safely. Temperature and humidity sensor strips may be auto-registered at scan time.


Enhanced supply chain visibility, reduced loss due to improper handling, and ensured patient safety through the delivery of high-integrity products.