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May 18, 2022

Twintag vs QR code generators

The term ‘QR code generator’ has grown into a blanket term that covers a variety of services. How is Twintag different?

Twintag vs QR code generators

The term ‘QR code generator’ has grown into a blanket term that covers  a variety of services. In this article we’ll discuss some of the most common types.

QR code (image) generator

The most basic QR code generator does nothing more than turn a piece of text into the equivalent QR code image. Many of these services allow you to customize what the QR code looks like visually. The content of the QR code is however entirely up to the user.

Some QR code generator services also act like a URL shortener. Just like or (used by Twitter). This ensures limited complexity of the resulting QR code, allows you to change the destination after the fact and often provides you insight into how often your QR code is scanned.

However, many of these solutions require each QR code to be managed one-by-one. This is feasible in small quantities but quickly becomes unwieldy when serializing your products.

Static landing pages

Many QR code generators provide the ability to put a single static page behind a QR code. If you want to provide highly-relevant information to your customer, you have to again manage these static pages one-by-one.

Dynamic landing pages

Dynamic landing pages use templates to determine the digital experience behind a QR code. The templates usually have a pre-set amount of fields where you can provide data. If you have specific requirements that don’t fit the template you’re out of luck.

QR redirector services

Redirector services enable you to forward from a QR code to a tailored digital experience. However, this service will only redirect you from the serialized QR code to a corresponding website. What’s on the destination page is up to the user of the redirector service.

You can use a redirector service to redirect to an existing website or CMS system. However, this means you will have to ensure both systems are kept in sync. In addition, most CMS systems aren’t well suited to create serialized pages at a large scale.


At Twintag, we support our customers throughout their entire Product-Led Communication journey. From designing a tailored experience to fit your unique business and branding needs, exploring physical printing workflows, unleashing the wealth of data that sits on legacy systems and hosting the entire digital experience on our platform, all of that without requiring new infrastructure. In addition you’ll also get all advantages of the techniques mentioned in this article and more, including:

  • The ability to upgrade your digital experience over time.
  • Analytics for insight into the scanning of your QR codes.
  • QR codes with limited complexity.
  • Management of your twintags at any scale
  • Custom business logic to match your unique requirements

Michiel De Backker

As CTO of Twintag, I'm a tech enthusiast and the creator behind our platform. I lead the technological vision, strategy, and execution, curating unique solutions to meet specific business needs.

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