Full time

DevOps Engineer

Scale, automate, secure: lead DevOps for quality, speed, and resilience.

Job description

Do you possess a passion for building scalable cloud infrastructure and ensuring system health at scale? Can you automate development and enhance release processes, fostering a DevOps culture? Are you adept at independent project management while ensuring resilient, secure, and high-performance systems? If so, explore this exciting DevOps Engineer opportunity!


  • Infrastructure Scaling: Expand cloud infrastructure to meet scalability demands.
  • Automation & Release Optimization: Streamline development and release processes for quality software delivery.
  • Policy Documentation: Document operational and security policies and promote a DevOps mindset.
  • Independent Project Management: Drive projects in a fast-paced environment, collaborating with engineers.
  • Resilient Systems: Ensure systems meet quality, security, scalability, and performance standards.

Job requirements

  • You have 2+ years experience as a DevOps or Site Reliability Engineer
  • You live and breathe Linux, Networking, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, YAML and DevOps principles
  • Concepts such as monitoring, alerting, infrastructure-as-code and CI/CD have no secrets for you
  • You’re comfortable using open source and are familiar with modern programming languages such as Go (Golang) or Rust
  • You are excited to grow and support our SaaS platform at intranet scale
  • You are excited to co-create the journey and company culture that will take Twintag to the next level!

Job perks

  • The opportunity to grow with the company to a global presence and to evolve on a technical level as much as your brain can handle
  • An attractive compensation package (competitive salary, electric company car + home charger, 32 annual holidays, extensive group + health insurance, monthly net expenses, meal vouchers, smartphone and more)
  • An unlimited playground allowing you to leverage your make-it happen attitude
  • An extremely flexible approach to personal development, mobility and workplace organisation, including occasional international travel
  • A team of fun and motivated Twintaggers supporting you in your journey!

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