Get unmatched agility when it comes to regulatory compliance. Simplify adaptation to new regulations and minimize relabelling costs with connected products.

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The market is growing more competitive

In the ever-changing chemical industry, companies grapple with complex regulations, international operations and supply chain visibility gaps. Connected products help companies to overcome these challenges and stay competitive on the market.

Eliminate relabeling

Eliminate relabeling by leveraging dynamic digital labels that adapt to local labeling requirements and display information in the local language.

Connect with your end-users

Enhance customer experience and support by creating a personalized, multilingual customer communication channel directly on your products.

Generate new revenue streams

Incorporate new value-add digital services, create upsell opportunities directly on your product and optimize customer support.

Protect against counterfeit

Combat counterfeiting using a smooth authentication process accomplished through effortless QR code scanning.

Streamline supply chain

Gain valuable insights into your product's journey by leveraging scan analytics, even within complex distributor networks.

Drive sustainability

Eliminate unnecessary paper use and digitize your workflows for optimized reuse-recycle-repair flows.

Ensure compliance

Stay ahead in petrochemicals – collect product data now for early compliance with sustainability regulations and a competitive edge. Don't wait for mandates – act today.

How can we help

Unlimited flexibility

Experience the flexibility and versatility of Twintag's SaaS platform, designed to seamlessly adapt to any system, carrier, or application, empowering you with unmatched compatibility and customization options.

Dynamic experiences

Dynamic digital experiences driven by location, persona and time provide the correct information at the right time on the right device. You can make sure everyone interacting with your products ends up with an optimal experience.

No app, no account

Without having to log in or download yet another app, you get a frictionless onboarding process, broader accessibility and faster adoption.


Get your connected products strategy up and running in days with powerful templates or choose a tailor-made branded interface.

Massive scalability

Our platform is built in a way that would ensure progressive scaleability. Our clients track and manage billions of products a year without compromising on the granularity of data obtained.

No lock-in

Modify digital labels post-printing effortlessly with Twintag, enabling flexible updates to product information, branding and provided experiences.

Supporting ecosystem

Make your project come to life exactly as you envision by leveraging our team of experts and a wide network of partners.

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Advanced analytics

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User journey

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Automated reports

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Machine learning

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A/B Testing

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100+ integrations

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