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January 18, 2023

Rich digital life for any unique product. One single platform to make it happen.

Embark on a transformational journey with Twintag's Product-Led Communication platform for seamless customer experiences.

Rich digital life for any unique product. One single platform to make it happen.

We do live in interesting times indeed. We see all aspects of life getting new digital touch points every day, scattered across many different systems and services. Each of those carrying a fragment of our digital reality. Each of those very often contributing a fraction to the digital chaos, unfortunately. Until we decide to get organized and start pulling together digital topics to stay ahead. All things Enterprise from a management perspective thus became ERP. All things Customer from a sales perspective became a CRM. It was a daunting exercise, deep inside the belly of organizations.

But even if these efforts did bear fruit, they mostly benefited the organization internally. What about life out there? Did we forget about the customer experience as we went along our inwards-focused transformations? Many organizations haven’t even gotten to that stage yet, even if it is arguably the most important and transformational of all. The underlying reason is simple: those back-end systems all contain their own skewed and scattered little fraction of the product journey, while the focus of a successful customer experience happens to be a holistic product view.

So we will need to take that ideal customer experience as a starting point and work our way backward. Experience shows that leveraging the physical product in this process is not just the logical thing to do but also a major help, because it has the potential to immediately narrow down the interest and the discussion. Indeed, hyper-relevant information can be found - and be generated! - at the crossroads of product and persona, both of which we can identify in the course of a digital journey.

A customer scanning a tag should be able to open up the rich digital life of that unique product, tailored and formatted to the device used: not just general product manuals and tutorial videos, but detailed sourcing and traceability information, installation checklists, troubleshooting guides, all auto-responsive to country and language. But how about letting information flow in the other direction, too? Logging scanning events by time stamp and geo-location, requesting customer feedback, initiating customer service calls that carry all product and customer metadata in order to be directed to the proper support agent, using voice or chat channels that carry picture and video uploads to illustrate problems. Beyond this, a world of customer engagement still awaits, with eventual upselling and cross-selling opportunities. Importantly, it goes without saying that all of this functionality is subject to change and evolution at any point in time.

It should be clear that building to these requirements, just starting from your regular back-end suite of ERP, CRM, PIMS, WMS, CMS etc. to extract and update all the information bits and pieces would be a big hill to climb. That is precisely why Twintag was conceived and built as a Product-Led Communication backbone. Across projects, Customer Experience requirements are remarkably similar, so we built them into the platform. A decent UX on day #1 will evolve on the fly as integration points are added and insights are gained based on actual use. Our field experience shows that “roll-out first, develop after” is a remarkably productive approach.

Please reach out and we’ll be happy to show you how that would work for your project.

Paul Carpentier

Father and grandfather, serial entrepreneur, founder of Twintag and lifelong data tech enthusiast. The relentless pursuit of simplicity guides me while mapping Twintag technology to digital solutions

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