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November 13, 2022

Twintag: build vs. buy

Starting a software project? Ask: Build from scratch or use an existing solution?

Twintag: build vs. buy

Twintag: build vs. buy

When embarking on a software project, one of the many questions to ask yourself is: do we build this ourselves or do we leverage an existing solution? In this article we’ll explore some of the considerations you have to consider when making this choice.

Benefits of choosing existing solutions

Proof of concept and fast rollout

Whether you’re a small shop or large enterprise with plenty of IT expertise, building software from scratch takes time. One big advantage of using an existing product is the reduced time to benefit from the solution. Starting from an existing product enables you to both perform early proof of concepts as well as speed up the time of a rollout.

Cost reduction

Buying an existing product, especially if it is a SaaS offering, can also significantly reduce the total cost of ownership. SaaS solutions are faster to implement and are often easier to upgrade. In addition, they incur lower IT costs because you don’t have to hire IT experts and there is no need to install software or IT equipment.

Everything is taken into account

Aside from supporting your business logic, think about other operational requirements. These days customers expect solutions to be available 24/7, from anywhere in the world. And how will you handle information security? Platform providers will have the expertise to operate with all these considerations in mind.

Tailored approach where necessary

But can it meet my unique requirements? SaaS offerings have traditionally been more one-size-fits all. However, they have made big strides to become more flexible and configurable to your company or even individual department’s needs. Enterprise focused offerings especially offer significant tailoring. In addition, there is often an ecosystem of implementers available around the solution that’s ready to assist where needed. Finally, it’s worth questioning how unique your requirements truly are. A more conventional approach may be more cost effective.


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