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June 28, 2023

Twintag listed in the CIRPASS report

Twintag was listed as one of the Digital Product Passport-relevant initiatives in the recent CIRPASS report.

Twintag listed in the CIRPASS report

Twintag is proud to announce our inclusion in the CIRPASS Digital Product Passport report, a significant milestone in our journey to reshape sustainable product/asset management. Being recognized as one of the Digital Product Passport relevant initiatives demonstrates our commitment to innovation and promoting transparency in the circular economy.

CIRPASS is a collaborative initiative funded by the European Commission, focused on establishing a standards-based Digital Product Passport aligned with Ecodesign for Sustainable Product Regulations (ESPR). With the participation of 31 partners from various sectors, CIRPASS aims to create a clear concept for the Digital Product Passport, defining a cross-sectoral product data model and system for its deployment.

As a leading player, Twintag's Connected Products Platform empowers businesses to integrate digital information and workflows seamlessly. By simply scanning a unique (QR) code, users can access a wealth of valuable information without the need for apps or accounts. Our platform serves as a single point of contact for product manuals, logistical flows, safety information, and services like repair, recycle, reuse, and maintenance.

Participating in CIRPASS reflects our dedication to promoting sustainability and transparency across industries. Together with industry leaders, research organizations, and standards bodies, we contribute to defining product data models and deployment roadmaps for the Digital Product Passport. Our goal is to unlock the full potential of the circular economy through digital technologies like connected products.

Twintag's inclusion in the CIRPASS Digital Product Passport report underscores our commitment to driving innovation and fostering sustainability in product management. We continue to revolutionize supply chain visibility, enhance product transparency, and empower businesses through our connected products platform. Stay tuned for updates as we shape a more sustainable future together šŸŒŽ

Natalia Revishvili

With an interest in circular economy and sustainable digital solutions, as a Marketing Manager I am constantly learning about how smart tags can bring about a more sustainable future.

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